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QuadSil, Inc.'s main business operations are contract R & D, product prototyping, scale-up manufacturing and consultancy operations.  We are dedicated to the advancement of Silicon based science and technology. We also directly manufacture and also sell a wide variety of antimicrobial products.

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QuadSil is a U.S. based, research, development and consultancy expertise center dedicated to servicing its customers through the rapid transfer of current Silicone and non-silicone based information services and protectable product prototype development.  Thus, meeting critical information and product commercialization requirements established for our clients.


At QuadSil, our primary goal is to serve our clients' information and product development needs.  This is accomplished by focusing on critical success 

factors and required competencies in a time driven environment guided by specific targets and milestones.  QuadSil's goal is to ensure the rapid development of information needs and/or the generation of 

commercializable prototypes.


QuadSil intends to establish a global presence as a silicone and silane contract R & D center of expertise and consultancy.  We will focus on developing Si based prototypes for conversion to protectable commercializable advanced product forms for our clients to meet their customers' needs.  

Why Our Lab

QuadSil provides a wide range of services designed to assist our clients with understanding and developing…

·  Opportunities

·  Chemical and engineering processes

·  Performance requirements

·  Technology options

·  Protection and intellectual property issues

·  Product design

·  Prototype development

·  Formulary technology

·  Scale-up and pre-manufacturing

We carefully select clients and projects which are synergistic with QuadSil's capabilities and consultancy base.

Since QuadSil provides services and resources over a broad product market base.  We are in a unique position to provide connections between corporations and organizations.  QuadSil can visualize opportunities of potential commercial value to both parties.  We specialize in silicone, silane and silicone-organics material technologies.

Our Services

Capabilities at QuadSil, Inc (Consultancy)

QuadSil provides an array of consultancy services in both technology and markets, such as:

·  Personal and household care

·  Coatings, binders, and adhesives

·  Textiles and leather

·  Release coatings

·  Paint Additives

·  Adhesion Promoters

·  Sealants

·  Catalyses and cure

·  Polymerization technology

·  Formulary technologies

·  Fire resistant technology

·  Prototype development

·  Opportunity assessment

·  Technology-market assessment

·  Intellectual property services

·  New product concepts

·  Government contract development

Major Equipment & Extended Capabilities

Fields of Expertise in Polymers:

-Silicone Chemistry and Technology

-Hetero-phase Polymer Systems

-Polymer Blends

-Recycling of Polymers

-High-Temperature Polymers

-Release coatings


-Polymer Processing

-Material Characterization


-Reinforcement of Polymers

-Surface Modification 

-Coatings and Binders



Miscellaneous Equipment:

Miscellaneous Equipment:

-General Lab Equipment

-Ovens (Convection, Vacuum…)

-High Temperature Furnace (1,200˚C)


-Steam Sterilization/Autoclave

-Measurement of Surface Energy

Equipment Related to Polymer Processing, Fabricating, Testing

-Ovens (vacuum w/vacuum pump and accessory, air-circulated)

-Furnace (1,200˚C)

-Air compressor (oil-less)



-Temperature Controllers (I2R)


QuadSil has Contractual Arrangements for Access to:

-Microscopy (Scanning Probe, Electron, Optical)

-Extruders for Reactive Processing

-Twin-screw Extruder, 29 mm

-Twin-screw Extruder, 35 mm

-Materials Property Characterization & Testing Equipment

(Polymers, Metals, Ceramics, Glass, Bio-Materials)

-Testing Optical Properties of Polymers

-Precision Machining of Parts/Devices

-Custom Preparation of Specialty Chemicals

-Processing and Manufacturing Capabilities 

Antimicrobial Products

We have a variety of in house manufactured and direct purchased antimicrobial and other silicone products.

2019 & 2020 Award recipients

Biotechnology Award for Best Silicone & Silane R&D in the USA


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